Our Story

We’re a family-owned company based in Raleigh, North Carolina specializing in selling solid brass bells online. In our 25 year history, we’ve gone from one U.S. made engraving machine to five, including two that can engrave bells up to almost 50 pounds. We have also increased both the quality and selection of our solid brass bells, many of which are exclusive designs or have special features not found on others.

What are we most proud of? There’s a lot that comes to mind when asking this question. Is it the fact that in all our history, and after selling many thousands of bells all over the United States and to dozens of countries, we’ve had zero complaints to the Better Business Bureau? Is it our quality product, with special touches like thicker bell walls, heavier duty mounts, or the ability to engrave complex logos on a difficult convex surface? It could be our many loyal, repeat customers who have found that our engraved bells make great gifts for weddings, house warmings, awards, memorials and more. All those things are vitally important, as we couldn’t survive without you, the customer. But we may be most proud of two things: the first is that for years we have used a portion of our profits to help pay for facial reconstruction surgeries in third world countries through an organization called Smile Train. As of this writing, thanks to our customers we’ve been able to donate enough to pay for nearly 300 surgeries. That’s almost 300 children whose lives have been changed forever, because a company far away in another country sells bells. And the other is our employees. Most have been with us for years, and we’ve been blessed with a group that is like a family at work (without all the bickering). We’ve watched their children go from watching cartoons in a spare office or building cardboard box forts when mom or dad brought them to work, to now graduating high school and even college and starting careers. And recently we’ve been like proud grandparents with our younger employees welcoming babies to the fold. Our great employees really care that what we sell to you is a quality product…and they have the power to make things right if we ever fall short of your expectation. We’re so lucky, and proud, to have them as co-workers, and even more so, as friends.

It’s difficult to tell bell quality by looking at a photo online. A light one made of aluminum with a brass color and ours may look alike in a picture. But ours are solid brass, with thicker walls, heavier clappers, solid mounts that won’t break, and special hand tied, thick, cotton, multi-ball pull ropes that are both functional and beautiful. So order with confidence, knowing that we always stand behind what we sell…and have for 25 years.

— Jeff & Lauren King

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