Bell Care & Hanging

Our bells are cast of solid brass, and should require minimal care to retain their beautiful patina for many years. We recommend using a damp, soft cloth to clean and buff, and then immediately drying with a separate dry cloth. Do NOT use cleaners with harsh solvents such as Windex, 409, etc. These chemicals can react with the brass surface. The use of chemical oxidizing agents can darken the surface along with any small scratches or imperfections. The acid on your fingers can also react, so please use only the pull rope when ringing the bell.


As our bells are heavy, we recommend attaching the mount (with included screws) to wood studs or wood walls! Bells should never be attached to drywall, even if using drywall anchors. Bells should never be hung where they can fall on a person. When ringing a bell, stand off to the side and never allow children to ring wall bells without adult supervision. Ring by pulling rope side to NOT pull down!


Your solid brass bell has lacquer applied to its finish to keep it in good condition. Do not polish with commercial polishing agents. If your bell is in a saltwater environment, it must be cleaned with fresh water whenever exposed to saltwater or mist. While brass bells hold up well when exposed to salt, the finish can become spotty through a process called “zincification,” where the zinc in the brass leaches out to the surface.

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