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We generally do not offer proofs on single bell purchases to move the process along and keep it more affordable for you. For text engraving, all letters are centered in a Roman font. For logo engraving, we will make it as large as we can on the center, main face of the bell. For logo and text engraving, we will center the logo above the text. Our long-time engravers know how to make your bell look its best. If you want to ensure a particular layout on your bell, feel free to email ( after ordering with a rough layout for how you’d like it to look. Or you may note in the Engraving Instructions box on the product page any instructions you want us to follow.

Keep in mind, we guarantee customer satisfaction and in over 20 years of engraving we’ve rarely had a customer not happy with what they receive! CLICK HERE here for more engraving tips.

Our loyal, dedicated employees are only human and unfortunately they sometimes make mistakes on engraving. If we make a mistake on your bell, we will engrave a new one and ship it at our cost immediately. Usually, we will pick up the one that you received at our cost as well. If you make the mistake (because you’re human too), we we will work with you on a replacement. In some instances, such as in the case of a wall or hanging bell, you can ship the bell back and we’ll engrave on the other side at no extra charge. If that won’t work because of the bell you chose, we’ll give you a very significant discount on a new bell.

Many people choose to engrave the plural form of their family's last name (or surname).

A grammatically correct example of a pluralized last name would be, "The Whitleys". In this example, "Whitleys" is the plural form of "Whitley". A grammatically incorrect example of the same last name would be, "The Whitley's". In this example, "Whitley's" is the possessive case of "Whitley".

If your last name ends with an "s", as in, "Jones", the grammatically correct plural form would be "Joneses".

Bells outdoors

Over the years, we have tested our bells to see how they hold up against all the above. Most of our bells, except a few with wood bases or plaques that are not made for outdoor use, will hold up for lifetimes. Brass is a material that has been used for centuries for that reason. We apply a light lacquer to our outdoor brass bells, that makes them a little more maintenance free. But just like your car wouldn’t look new if you left it in the driveway without cleaning all year, our bells occasionally may need to be wiped clean.

Salt water in the air will hurt the finish of bells eventually if they aren’t rinsed with fresh water often. Unlike most metals, brass won’t rust or break down when exposed to salt, but it will ruin the finish. We have also found a product called Everbrite that seems to substantially reduce the negative effects of salt water air on brass.


If your bell is in stock and you choose engraving, it will typically ship in 5 to 7 business days. If you need your order quicker than that, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

We have shipped our products to many different countries. Most items can be shipped outside the U.S., and if you would like a shipping quote, you can call us at 1-919-285-0930 or email us ( Please let us know the item, quantity, and full shipping address so we can accurately get pricing and a shipping time estimate.

About Our Company

Most of our bells are made exclusively for us by a small manufacturer in India that has supplied us for over two decades. While other bells from that country may resemble ours (some are actually aluminum or sheet metal painted a brass color) we’ve made sure ours are the highest quality. Our bells have the best brass composition, heavier walls, heavy duty mounts, special hand tied cotton pull ropes and a better, richer sound. We’re especially proud that our manufacturing partner passed stringent U.S. military licensing inspections with flying colors, as they offer pay and benefits that far surpass the industry norm and don’t use child labor. In fact, a representative of one branch said our partner’s final inspection report was the best they had ever seen.

We design many of the bells here in our Raleigh, NC office and warehouse. The bells are engraved here on five, specialized, U.S. made, heavy-duty machines by experienced employees who are the best at
what they do. Most of our wood plaques and bell bases are made in the U.S. of native hardwoods, and we choose to ship our products in U.S. made boxes.

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