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BrassBell is an active donor to Smile Train, and because of you, our customer, we’ve paid for 270 operations to date! According to the New York Times, Smile Train is one of the most productive charities—dollar for deed—in the world. What exactly do they do? They provide free cleft repair surgeries to those in need while helping to train local doctors. This makes it possible for a child born with a cleft to eat, breathe, speak properly, and SMILE!

For more information about this BBB accredited, non-profit organization, visit their website at

“In many countries children born with this issue don't go to school and are shunned by other children and adults. My sister-in-law, a government nurse, was on a Navy ship off the coast of Haiti a few years back where Smile Train was flying children and their parents by helicopter to perform the surgeries. She said they had a huge line of parents bringing their children from all over the country for the surgery, and after the operation was done the parents cried while hugging anyone they could find. Children who have this surgery go on to lead normal lives. Since our sister company was founded to celebrate 'A Simpler Time' childhood, we think it's a worthy charity to ensure other children can have the same carefree memories.” — Jeff King, Owner at BrassBell






The Walking With Africans Foundation (WAF) is a microfinance organization that helps the rural poor in Kenya and Malawi. BrassBell sponsored an intern to go to Kenya to interview recipients of WAF loans in order to provide feedback and report on progress to investors. Many people's lives have been changed by being able to earn enough to send children to school.

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