9 Inch Polished Brass Cancer Ribbon Engraved Hand Bell


CELEBRATE that your cancer is in remission with our cancer ribbon brass handbell that comes engraved with the famous awareness ribbon! We've found that many people have purchased bells for just this reason, so we added this engraving to our most popular bell. This same logo can also be added to most of our ten-inch diameter and smaller bells--please contact us for details--and we can also add custom engraving on the other side of the bell. Ring our engraved cancer awareness bell with pride when the good news comes!

  • Solid Brass with antiqued finish
  • Hardwood contoured handle
  • Pre-Engraved ribbon logo
  • Heavy solid brass clapper
  • Made for us, to our specifications which include thicker than normal bell walls
  • Inspected, engraved (if chosen) and shipped from North Carolina

SIZE: 4" Diameter (bell), 9" High
WEIGHT: 1.5 pounds

ITEM: 20031

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