7 Inch Diameter Engravable Polished Brass Wall Bell


OUR BEST-SELLING BELL SIZE. This solid brass beauty has an elegant, traditional polished finish. Pleasant far-reaching tone for the price, and it's perfect for a variety of uses—from calling the kids for dinner to warning other boats of your presence on a foggy morning. We use thicker than normal bell walls made to our more exacting specifications. Weighing 4.5 pounds with a sturdy one-inch thick braided “double ball” pull rope, it's a lot of bell for the money. Bell and arm lacquered for low maintenance. 

  • Solid brass with polished finish
  • Comes with a heavy-duty solid brass mounting arm
  • Matching brass screws suitable for installing in wood
  • 1 inch diameter & “double ball” hand braided rope pull
  • Made for us to our exacting specifications, including thicker than normal bell walls
  • Designed, engraved (if chosen) and shipped from North Carolina
  • Indoor or outdoor use

SIZE: 7" diameter (bell); 10" high (18" with rope); 9" deep (mounted)
WEIGHT: 4.5 pounds

ITEM: 2536

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