11 Inch Engravable Dark Bronze Finish Brass Hand Bell


A LARGE 5 INCH DIAMETER solid brass bell and bronze tone finish, this wood handled bell is an impressive piece to use or just display. We've lightly lacquered our hand bell to make it more maintenance free, and it has a sturdy split ring (instead of wire) to hold a heavy metal clapper. Depending on how hard you swing the handle, this bell can be heard for a long distance and easily is enough bell for any indoor needs.

  • Contoured hardwood handle
  • Heavy solid brass clapper
  • Made for us, to our specifications which include thicker than normal bell walls
  • Designed, engraved (if chosen) and shipped from North Carolina

SIZE: 5" Diameter (bell), 11" High
WEIGHT: 2 pounds

ITEM: 9767

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