8 Inch Engravable Antiqued Brass Wall Bell With Plaque


GOOD QUALITY, GOOD LOOKING WAYS to commemorate an achievement, event, or person can be hard to come by these days. We've had so many companies purchase our popular solid brass bells as motivational tools. This set starts with our solid brass, 8 inch diameter bell which we pair with our handsome walnut wall plaque. The finished result is a customized, beautiful tribute that will last for years to come. 

Options include having your business logo (or text) engraved on the bell itself, as well as choice of text on the plate. When ringing this sweet sounding bell, it's the sound of success and helps to motivate others who will want their turn. When you place your order, simply email customerservice@brassbell.com with your desired personalization to our graphics specialist, who will determine a layout for the engraving that best suits your message.  

  • Solid Brass 8" bell with antiqued finish
  • Comes with a heavy-duty solid brass mounting arm
  • 1 inch diameter & “double ball” hand braided rope pull
  • Made for us to our exacting specifications, including thicker than normal bell walls
  • Handsome engraved plaque 
  • Inspected and shipped from North Carolina
  • Indoor or outdoor use

PLAQUE: 7.25" High x 9.25" Wide
BELL: 8" diameter (bell); 11" high (with wall mount); 18" high (with wall mount and rope); 9" deep, 8 pounds.

ITEM: 11174

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